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Bitsmith Campus is an innovative social platform enhancing communication and content sharing among students, faculties and organizations. Join us to revolutionize campus engagement! 🚀

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Introducing the Bitsmith Campus App: Your college sidekick for seamless connection, collaboration, and organization. It's a virtual campus in your pocket—say goodbye to chaos and hello to organized awesomeness. Explore, create, and engage with communities that fuel your interests. Conquer college life like a boss with the Bitsmith Campus App—your new BFF. Get ready for an epic ride!


The Bitsmith Campus App lets you meet people from all walks of academic life. Connect through communities that align with your interests, collaborate on mind-blowing projects, and maybe even share a breakfast burrito or two. It's like a social buffet, but with brains and banter. Unleash your networking prowess, dive into collaborative adventures, and let the Bitsmith Campus App be your ultimate wingman .


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Pooja Murkute

"The Bitsmith Campus app is perfectly for managing my college - life. The community feature is a game-changer"

Atharva Bhalerao

"The interface is simple , and the app is very intuitive. It's my go-to app for all college updates "

Gauri Borawake

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Rahul Singh

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Frequently asked questions

Ask everything you need to know about our products and services.

What is Bitsmith Campus?

This is a social network for the college campuses. Everything happening around the campus will be there on the Bitsmith Campus.

What is the structure of the app?

There are the campuses and then there are communities inside those campuses where things happen — like updates, discussion and gossip.

Could you explain more about communities?

Sure, as we said Community is a place for discussion, updates and gossip. There are official communities which are associated with colleges. There are unofficial ones which are managed by students for themselves. Then there are Unlisted communities which are kept private by students for their own purpose.

What is Bitsmith Campus Ambassador Program?

Well, it is not something that could be said in words. Just click here.

Engage in College Life Like Never Before with Bitsmith Campus.

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